Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Government ICT Standards Portal

About Government ICT Standards

The ICT Authority is mandated to, among others, set and enforce ICT standards and guidelines across all aspects of information and communication technology including systems, infrastructure, processes, human resources and technology for the public service. The overall purpose of this specific mandate is to ensure coherence and unified approach to acquisition, deployment, management and operation of ICTs across the public service, including state agencies, in order to promote service integration, adaptability and cost savings through economies of scales in ICT investments.

In pursuit of achievement of this mandate, the Authority established a Standards Committee to identify the critical standards domain areas as well as oversee the standards development process. A total of Nine Standards falling under six different domain areas were identified by the committee to be relevant for government ICT Standards. The development of all the identified standards is done through a process which took into consideration international requirements, government requirements, stakeholder participation as well as industry/sector best practices. In order to conform to the format of other existing national standards, the committee has adopted the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) format and procedure for standards development. In addition, through
Memoranda of Understanding, KEBS has made invaluable contribution to the development of ICT Authority standards.

Various base standards have been used as reference materials in the development of Government ICT standards. These include standards developed by IEEE, ISO, TIA, COBIT, NIST, ANSI, IEC, IETF, among others.

All government agencies are required to ensure full compliance to this standard for effective and efficient service delivery to the citizen.